Remember Electric Stop arms only uses a red octagon stop sign as a blade. And those are the stop arms we currently use on our school buses.

Original 1994 (standard flash)Edit

Stop arm

with lights photo 2


with lights photo 1


Electric stop sign for School Buses or Ice Cream Trucks.

Used on a lot of Corbeil school buses, mini school buses, Thomas built minotors, Blue Bird Microbird, Mid Bus Guide, Newer Thomas built School Buses, newer Blue Bird school buses, the first Amtran School Buses, and alot of newer mini school buses. The was a 1955 school bus with an air stop arm and got upgraded with an electric one. Most newer school buses uses this one. This one comes in different series which are 5, 6, and 7 and in the future there will be an 8 series. The 8 series one will look like 5 and 6 series. The base was originally made for Thomas Built Buses by Specialty Manufacturing company.

1996 (strobing lights)Edit

6 Series Solid State 2 Light Strobing LED Stop Arm

Electric stop sign with strobing flashing lights

2005 (Leds spell out the word "STOP")Edit

Led stop arm 2

the word stop shines

2005 (Standard or Strobing square flashing lights)Edit

Strobing led stop arm 3

strobing square lights