Electric stop sign for School Buses or Ice Cream Trucks.

History of school bus stop arm


Tray with word stop

this tray is the original stop arm

A tray with the word "STOP" painted on.

Old fashioned stop arm tray back view


Vacuum (air) stop arm with a red octagon stop sign on it.
Vintage school bus stop arm

without lights


with lights

1253935203 a4ff26c41d


Electric stop arm standard lights or no lights

with lights photo 1

. in the 1980s this was started used for ice cream trucks too.

Stop arm

with lights photo 2

Vaccum (air) stop arm - caution plate - If Safe Stop Then Go

This vacuum stop arm uses a caution plate That says "IF-SAFE STOP THEN-GO" on it instead of a stop sign but it wasn't used in 1991 or 2000.


A caution Plate instead of a stop sign wasn't used in 1991 and 2000. But still exists on Some older school buses or ice cream trucks


6 Series Solid State 2 Light Strobing LED Stop Arm

Electric stop sign with strobing flashing lights


Strobing led stop arm 3

strobing square lights

Led stop arm 2

the word stop shines

square flashing lights or shines the word "STOP".

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